Congress Topics

1. Global Social Media Studies
2. Public Administration and Public Finance
3. Global Human Resources Management and Organizational Development:
4. Global Information and Technology Management
5. Global Recreation and Sports Management
6. Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development Strategies
7. Global Marketing Management and Business Strategies
8. Global Tourism Development and Hospitality Management
9. Cross-Cultural Marketing Integrated Marketing Communications
10. Global Business in the Middle and Near East
11. Global Business in South East Asia, Australia, and Pacific Region
12. Business in Transitional Economies
13. Global Business in Europe
14. Global Production and Operations Management
15. Services Management and Relationship Marketing
16. Integrated Marketing Communication
17. Personal Selling, Sales Management and Public Relations
18. Economic Development and Growth
19. International Business in Central Asia
20. Public Administration and Public Policy
21. Global Pricing Decisions
22. Social Media and Online Marketing
23. Channels of Distribution
24. Supply Chain Management
25. Global Competition Policy
26. Corporate Strategy
27. Global Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
28. Marketing Research and Analytics
29. New Product Development
30. Environmental Scanning
31. Crisis Management
32. Country-of-Origin and Nation Marketing
33. Comparative Management/Marketing Systems
34. Cross-cultural/National Consumer Behavior
35. Global Economics and Taxation
36. Risk Management
37. Global Corporate Finance
38. Global Business in Russian Federation
39. International Business in Eastern /Central and South Eastern Europe
40. Business Practices in Commonwealth of Independent States
41. Cyber Security Crime Prevention
42. Global Innovation and Technology Development
43. Multinational Enterprise Policies
44. Market Entry Strategies
45. Business Strategies in Emerging Markets
46. International Finance
47. Global Sustainability and Resource Management
48. Global Business Education Development
49. Marketing Analytics and Marketing Research
50. Data Mining Techniques and Data Base Marketing
51. Integrated Marketing Communication
52. Accounting Research
53. Applied Management Science and Decision Support Systems
54. Emotional Intelligence
55. Health Care Management
56. Interdisciplinary Studies
57. Instructional and Pedagogical Studies Green Business