It was in 2015 when Cyprus Social Sciences University was founded. The university has embodied the three fundamental concepts: learning, research and cultural blending, which are identified as the indispensable characteristics of a global institution of higher education. With regards to the university’s overriding mission and vision, education is a very important undertaking which necessitates effort, patience, commitment and focus. Students’ success in their studies is the primary goal of all the departments of the university. The education offered in this university is the starting point of professional development. The university allows students to integrate global qualities with local characteristics by supporting the development of cultural, social and conceptual values as well as the students’ emotional intelligence. The quality of “global citizenship” the students will be adopting within the boundaries of CSSU will support them in the path to success in their future career by equipping them with the skills of leadership, mobility, harmony and cooperation. The fundamental values which will be assisting them throughout the entire processes are morality, knowledge and development.

As its first and foremost objective, CSSU aims to train future professionals and distinguished experts who excel in their respective fields of study and are able to meet the needs of the modern world. As such, the university has been working towards creating a learning center of excellence. To this end, it allows intellectual debates to be held on a platform of responsibility; original with its generation of values, knowledge, and technological advancements; respectful with equal and fair treatment towards different beliefs and ideas; universal with its interest towards its region and the globe; innovative and accessible by targeting individual peace and social welfare; and social with its human- and student-oriented campus and understanding.

The university continues to expand, both academically and in terms of socio-cultural environment. It advocates commitment to scientific leadership and continues to grow unabatedly. Over the years, CSSU has developed ecosystem knowledge which inspires entrepreneurship and stimulates high-impact research with managerial and public policy implications. It is now recognized internationally as a research-led, socially engaged university, distinguished by its multi-disciplinary programs and focus on emerging advanced technologies.