Travel Tips and Visa Requirements

There are direct flights to Hong Kong from the world’s major cities. One can reach the Congress site using a number of European, US, and Asian airlines which offer their air services directly to the Hong Kong International Airport. Hong Kong has very good airline connections to Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore. The public transportation system in Hong Kong is well-developed. One may use MTR and public bus to travel in the city. Getting around Hong Kong by taxi is also affordable. Taxis in Hong Kong are coded by three colors, each indicating a geographical area: Red-city taxis, Green-New Territories taxis, and Blue-Lantau Island taxis. All taxis can travel to and from Hong Kong International Airport as well as Hong Kong Disneyland. All taxis are metered. The official currency of the city is Hong Kong Dollar. The rate of currency is US$1.00 to HK$7.8.

For more information about the transportation systems in Hong Kong, please visit the official website of Hong Kong Tourism Board:


Tourist visas are not required for (1) British passport holders for stays up to 180 days or 90 days for citizens of British Dependent Territories and British Overseas citizens, and (2) citizens of Australia, Canada, the EU, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and the USA for stays up to 90 days. For nationals who are not from the mentioned countries, please visit the webpage of Hong Kong Immigration Department for their Hong Kong visa requirements ( If one needs to apply for a Visa, please download the application form from the Hong Kong Immigration Department website, complete and submit it accordingly. It normally takes four weeks to process an application.

For more information about Hong Kong Visa, please visit the website of Hong Kong Immigration Department. Application form for Hong Kong visa can be downloaded here: